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A growing number of employees feel stressed, depleted and disengaged. Rubber Duck helps you unlock the full potential of your employees by improving their well-being, engagement and happiness. The result, a resilient and high-performing workforce.


The moment you take better care of your employees, employees can take better care of business.


The philosophy behind our programmes is the belief that all humans have core needs that need to be fulfilled in order to flourish. These needs can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. For example:


  • The need to feel fit, rested and to have a good balance in life.

  • The need to work in a positive and psychologically safe work environment.

  • The need to concentrate, reflect and focus on one thing at a time.

  • The need to find meaning and significance in one's work.

What do our training programmes look like?

Our training programmes are modular. Each module or "building block" is connected to fulfil a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual need and has specific learning goals attached to it.

A building block takes on average between 1-2 training hours; allowing for 3-5 building blocks per training day. 

Depending on the challenges and needs of your organisation, a tailor-made programme is assembled. Some of the building blocks we offer are:

Positive Psychology: the basis for happiness

Positive psychology: the basis for happiness

Mindfulness: harvesting your mind at work

Lifestyle: how sleep makes you work and perform better

Positive psychology: happiness applied

Mindfulness: building habits to focus at work

How to manage your energy throughout your workday and week

Emotional resilience: increasing self- awareness

The value of empathy

Creating habits: transforming training lessons into new behaviour

Emotional resilience: managing emotional triggers

Motivation: understanding what makes you tick

Custom-made building blocks

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