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About the founder:

Jacco Levits, the founder of Rubber Duck Training, is a graduate of the London School of Economics. He has worked in Amsterdam, Dublin and Tel Aviv for major organisations including Google and

During these years, he gained valuable experience working with teams on their dynamics and performance. He has created and delivered training programmes for employees on resilience, well- being and sustained high-performance.


He has witnessed first-hand the challenges employees at these major corporations face, combining intense business demand with maintaining an engaged, healthy and productive working attitude.

“The modern work environment is characterised by constant change, increasing complexity  and information overload. We as humans are not evolved to thrive in such a reality; hence we witness distraction, stress, burn-out, disengagement and a tremendous loss of human potential. A lose-lose reality for both organisations and employees. My goal with Rubber Duck is to teach the skills and competenties that will build employee resilience needed to thrive in today's demanding world."
Jacco Levits , founder Rubber Duck Training

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