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The role of the team becomes ever more important in organisations. It is not enough to recruit great individuals if the teams they are working in do not function and perform well.

Rubber Duck offers training programmes to help you build high-performing teams. We offer valuable lessons and insights from our work with teams at companies such as Google and As an accredited Insights Discovery provider, we frequently use this globally-adopted methodology to help increase awareness and understanding in the team.

As with all of our training programmes, our programme for resilient teams consists of independent building blocks, allowing us to tailor the content to your teams' needs. We are conscious that building a high-performing team is not done in a single day, therefore we offer three different packages. Depending on the developmental stage of your teams and the needs of your organisation, you can decide which one fits best.

Kick-starter Package

  • Intake questionnaire for team members

  • 1-day team dynamic

training programme


  • 1 follow-up 
    team coaching session (1,5 hrs)

Accelerate Package

  • Intake questionnaire for team members


  • 2-day intensive team

       dynamic training                 programme

  • 3 follow-up team coaching sessions (1.5 hrs)

Excellence Package

  • Individual intake with each team member


  • 2-day intensive team dynamic programme


  • 6 follow-up team coaching sessions

       (1.5 hrs)


  • Executive coaching track with individual team members

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