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Billy Jean King, the former world tennis champion, once said that self-awareness is the most important thing necessary to become a champion. 

The problem, however, is that most of us are not very aware of ourselves, aware of our needs, our desires, our dreams. Often we do not know what we like and dislike, what irritates us or what stimulates and inspires us, thus making it more difficult to flourish and perform. Self-awareness opens the door providing the answers to many of the challenges that we come across in our lives. 

Through our coaching programme, we help individuals to increase their self-awareness and to connect to their authentic selves. Though coaching is a tool that is helpful for all, there are specific situations where its added value is most obvious for organisations:

  • High potential individuals who just moved roles, offices or even countries

  • Integration back into the organisation after maternity or long-term sick leave

  • Employees who are struggling and risk moving towards a burn-out

  • Managers and leaders whose team or department has grown rapidly in little time

  • Long-term employees searching for a new challenge

Our Coaching Programme

From the starting point of increasing self-awareness, we explore the various topics that are on the participant's mind. Topics that often come up during coaching:

  • Career questions

  • Work-life balance

  • How to improve specific relationships with managers, colleagues and others

  • How to thrive in a demanding and stressful work environment

  • How to adjust to a new job, country or family situation

On average, a coaching programme takes between 4-8 sessions. After each session the participant leaves with clear action items aimed at taking the next step towards his or her goal.

Practical Information

Before starting a coaching programme, we always conduct a free half-hour intake conversation. The aim of that conversation is to get an initial understanding of the topics and challenges that the participant would like to work on during the programme. This half hour also allows both sides to ensure that the coach and the participant click in how they relate to one another, which is essential to work effectively.

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